About CE Golf Design & Clark Enterprises


CE Golf Design is a division of Clark Enterprises, which is a family owned business that has been in existence since 1992.  In 1994, Todd Clark, ASGCA established the golf division in order to provide golf course design and project management services for new and existing golf facilities throughout the United States.

With our combined 40+ years of experience, CE Golf Design has the ability to help our clients achieve their goals. Whether you are building a stand-alone golf facility, or developing property around a golf course, our expertise and service will separate your project from the competition.

Through fundamental design philosophy and project administration, we are able to consistently produce on-time and on-budget projects.  Todd firmly believes that playability, aesthetics and environmental sensitivity are the foundation of our design approach.

As an extension to our Golf Course Architecture services, we started providing Landscape Architecture services in 2004.  As a licensed Landscape Architect, Todd felt that he could service his golf course clients needs for site planning and planting plans around their clubhouses, and that service has expanded to other commercial and institutional clients as well. 

Our Athletic Field design services began in 2008 with our first football field conversion from natural grass to synthetic turf.  Since then, we have designed multiple facilities including: football, baseball, softball, soccer, tennis and track & field.

Todd J. Clark, President

Todd has 25+ years of experience in designing new and renovated golf courses for both private and public facilities.  He is a member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, American Society of Landscape Architects, Golf Course Builders Association of AmericaGolf Course Superintendents Association of America and president of CE Golf Design.

Todd wants to design golf courses that are fun while challenging for golfers of all skill levels.  Variety is the key to any good design and it is evident throughout all of the projects designed and built by CE Golf Design.

The natural evolution to expand to traditional landscape architecture and sports field design has afforded Todd the ability to apply the same principles he uses as a golf course architect to create dynamic landscape solutions and top notch sports facilities.

Todd attended Kansas State University, where he received a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree in 1991.

Brent J. Hugo, Partner

Brent has been with CE Golf Design since 1996.  With experience in all aspects golf course architecture he has been a valuable part of the team, particularly in the preparation of construction drawings, specifications and cost estimates. 

He is skilled in computer aided drafting techniques as they relate to golf course design, including three dimensional rendering.  Twenty plus years of experience in golf courses design, landscape architecture, and sports field design, together with accounting background, provides an understanding of costs and budgets associated with all of our projects. 

Brent received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Kansas State University in 1992.